The time is approaching for me to hand over my role as chairman. I cannot believe that this year has passed so quickly. When I was first approached to take on the role it came as a great surprise and initially I was doubtful that I could do it justice and expressed my reluctance. Looking back I can honestly say how much I have enjoyed it. We have a very friendly active active club and it has been my honour to serve. All our members have made the club what it is and I am extremely grateful for all your support, particularly that received from our very able committee..

I firmly believe that our club fulfils a very important role in providing the opportunity for us to meet and enjoy each others company. This is particularly important as our previous professional and business careers were often away from St Albans and so were our friends. During this past year we have had a variety of enjoyable activities including many day trips and of course the spring holiday that is much enjoyed by many of you. We are fortunate in having the support of our ladies on many of these occasions and I am pleased that their associated club continues to prosper and gain in strength.

Our monthly lunches form an important part of our calendar and we continue to have some most interesting speakers. Our coffee mornings have been very well attended in recent months. I particularly enjoy these as they are very informal and provide an opportunity to get to know one another better. One activity that has not been so well attended lately is our rambles. This is a pity as I find them most invigorating and it helps to provide some much needed physical exercise. I am hoping now that springtime is approaching there will be a resurgence of members wishing to participate.

Unfortunately in this past year we lost some dear friends and we have expressed our sadness, but have recently welcomed some new members into our club. It is important that we all encourage friends and acquaintances to join us. We have recently made a special effort to broadcast our club and its activities and I am very pleased that we are now having some success. It is essential that we continue to build for the future and in this respect I would ask and encourage our members to consider volunteering to serve on our committee or offering to help in other ways

I know that when I hand over to the next chairman at the AGM in April that the club will continue to be in safe hands

Ken Hatter