I was surprised and honoured to be asked to serve as your Chairman for the coming twelve months. I will work hard to try to match the standards set by my predecessors. Our Club is both busy and proactive and thanks are offered to the Committee and to the Events Group for their hard work on the Club’s behalf. Particular thanks to Ron Taylor who has passed on the role of Treasurer to Mike Western and to our Speaker Secretary, Michael Welling, who will be replaced by Gerald Frizelle.

It is good that our coffee mornings have been well attended where the opportunity to put the world to rights is seized upon with vigour. The holiday to Shrewsbury in May proved most enjoyable. Thanks go to John Rolfe for initiating the visit. The Savill Garden and river trip in June was a delightful event; our thanks to all involved in the arrangements.

We have recently lost two of our members, Peter Kennedy and Bob Redding. Bob will be particularly remembered as a founder member of the Club. Their funerals were well attended reflecting the sadness at our loss.

We have been pleased to welcome a number of new members, John Hart, Sam McAnlis and Dev Sirker in March and Geoff Young and Dennis McQuillan in July. We should continue with our efforts to recruit new members.

Ron Mycock