Club Origins

The Probus Club of St Albans is now over 30 years old. Founded in January 1984 with just 13 gentlemen attending the first lunch, the club has grown steadily ever since. Average membership is now just under 70, with a turnover of nearly 200 members over the period.

The Probus ideals were launched by Rotary Club members who were seeking the opportunity to meet in less formal surroundings. At first coffee mornings were the answer and this was soon followed with the addition of a monthly lunch gathering. A member of the Caterham club suggested the name “PROBUS” taking PRO from professional and combining it with BUS from business. These two words give a reasonable description of retired gentlemen who are likely to seek membership.

The club now offers retired gentlemen the opportunity to find friendship and comradeship with like-minded companions, with a monthly lunch as its cornerstone. Here members meet regularly, to hear details of forthcoming events and, invariably, to be entertained by speakers on subjects of their own choosing excluding politics and religion.

Over the years many sociable occasions have been added to the club’s activities. Outings to theatres and visits to stately homes have been greatly enjoyed. An annual 6 day holiday is firmly part of the club’s calendar. A thriving Ladies section was formed early on and continues to provide opportunities for associated ladies to meet regularly.

Each club is run independently. St Albans has been fortunate to have a steady stream of dedicated members on the committee who have, over the years, contributed to the welfare and growth of the club. It is to be hoped that this ideal will continue far into the future.

To mark the Club’s thirtieth year two club members collaborated and produced a detailed history of the club. This was printed and copies given to all members.