Coffee mornings have taken on a ‘more civilised’ yet still informal character at Verulam Golf Club usually on the second Thursday of each month starting at 10.30am. We do, however, pay for the coffee and biscuits (currently £1.50) on an individual basis.  Michael Wellings would consider any request for an occasional speaker on any subject for about 15 minutes.

Lunch Meetings are held on the final Thursday of each month meeting at 11.45am for 12.45pm at Verulam Golf Club. Members are reminded to notify the Catering Officer or Secretary if they will not be attending lunch.

Club Members as Speakers
We welcome club members as our lunchtime speakers, not only because of their interesting experiences and knowledge, but also because we get to know each other better this way.


Event Information:

  • Chairman's Review - March 2015


    A change of meeting venue has been forced on us because of the intended redevelopment of the Quality Hotel into a residential care home. Rumours of this had come to our attention during the course of last year and we were advised formally by the management on the lst November. Our thanks to a small committee lead by Colin Smart which quickly found an alternative. So we have become established in the Club House of the Verulam Golf Club. Our separation from the Quality Hotel was amicable and the staff fully understood that we were reacting to circumstances.

    We are well provided for at the Golf Club and served by a friendly and attentive staff. Since the move, our coffee mornings and lunches have been well attended. Members have continued to enjoy varied and well-presented after lunch talks arranged by Mike Welling.

    Our efforts have continued to maintain and promote a forward looking club. We are encouraging recruitment through the sub-committee led by Ken Hatter. Top quality flyers and posters have been provided describing our activities! These are being distributed to selected outlets such as libraries, doctors’ surgeries and local employers to keep us in the public eye. New members are of paramount importance and we are pleased to welcome Peter Warburton and Norman Davies. They will join our Club formally at the March lunch.

    The response to events organized by our sub-committee led by Peter Fletcher continues to be encouraging. It shows that we are providing a good mix to attract a wide range of interests. I was pleased that good numbers attended the coach trips to Portsmouth and Winchester. Our visit to Southwark Cathedral and Theatre (Peter Fletcher and Tony Woodhouse) was most enjoyable. We continue to receive excellent support for our opera trips. Both ‘La Finta Giardiniera’ and ‘Rigoletto’ were greatly enjoyed, We had a harrowing experience at ‘Rigoletto’ when Peggy Fells suffered the onset of a stroke. She received prompt medical attention and is now undergoing treatment to aid recovery. Kind thoughts to both Peggy and Peter.

    There is much advice in the media that physical activity aids mental and bodily health. Our monthly rambles, organized by John Shoobert, provide the opportunity – so, please join in. The sad toll on our club members continues with the deaths of John Bunting and John Robins. We offer our sympathy to their families and also to Jack Taylor who lost his wife, Barbara.

    My sincere thanks to all Club members for their support during my year as Chairman. We continue to be financially sound and socially active – long may it continue.

    Jim Walker